Ron Patrick Horton

singer songwriter guitarist


Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist - and gun for hire. Atlanta native Ron Patrick Horton mixes historic Americana styles into his own, distinctive voice. The lyrics are thoughtful, provocative, cathartic and sometimes tongue-in-cheek funny. 

At the Crossroads from At The Crossroads Album; Mike McCarroll and the Mike McCarroll Band. MM - Guitar, Lead Vocals; Stephen Carroll - Keyboards, Vocals; Larry Blackwell - Harmonica; Patrick Thornton - drums; Steve Matheson - bass; Ron Patrick Horton - Guitar, Vocals. Videographer: Gayle Lynn Edwards Puerner.
Recorded live at The Tin Roof Cantina, June 13, 2016.

Blind Faith's 'In the Presence of the Lord.' This is a high point in my performing career. The Pleasant Hill FUMC Choir, lead by Farrah West, sang on the chorus with me. I'm amazed at the fullness of the sound - it was my guitar and drums.

An improvisation over a backing track. I'm playing my Lead II direct through a Fender VibroChanp. This was one take coming into the backing track cold.