Ron Patrick Horton

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Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist - and gun for hire. Atlanta native Ron Patrick Horton mixes historic Americana styles into his own, distinctive voice. The lyrics are thoughtful, provocative, cathartic and sometimes tongue-in-cheek funny. 

Both Sides of the Sky - Jimi Hendrix

1.     Mannish Boy – Fans of Hendrix’ version of Killing Floor will dig this take on what to me is a Muddy Waters Song. The first couple of choruses don’t knock me out, but Hendrix doubling the guitar line with his falsetto more than makes up for that. Also, at 4’, the band sounds a lot like something you’d hear from 10 Years After. There are also a couple of turns around the trio where each instrument takes 2 bars solo – kewl.

2.     Lover Man – Instantly familiar sounding Hendrix track.

3.     Hear My Train a Comin’ – could almost call this one ‘Hear My Train a Comin’ – Slight Return.’ True Hendrix fans will get that - J - love hearing new guitar parts – but this one is for a true fan.

4.     Stepping Stone – Whenever I see ‘Stepping Stone’ as a song, I wonder if it’s a cover of the Monkee’s version of Stepping Stone, which is to me the definitive song called Steppin’ Stone. This ain’t it, either. This is an album cut, for sure. Sounds like it would have been in the running for an album but cut for room.

5.     $20 Fine – Fuckin’ Stephen Stills is singin’ on this tune, y’all! I kept my exposure to the details of these tracks to a minimum so I didn’t have any expectations, but I admit I saw that Stephen was on the album. I love Stepen Stills, too, so hearing something from him for the first time is cool – and it’s really that – a Stephen Stills song (like, Manassas Stephen Stills, but still Stephen Stills) with Hendrix on it.

6.     Power of Soul – I dig it – another one, I believe, for the real Hendrix devotee. The guitar riff over the drums reminds me of Mountain. Some people will appreciate that observation.

7.     Jungle – I chicken necked all the way through this motherfuckin’ jam, y’all. It’s another true fan song, just to how long the jam goes on. Sounds like they were working on ideas, but I love it.

8.     Things I used to Do – Hendrix playing slide? Must…not….google…yet. This is way Chicago Blues sounding for Jimi, IMAO. (that’s in my Arrogant opinion) True Fan, yo. I do love Jimi’s straight blues voice on this.

9.     Georgia Blues – must NOT google….yet….I wish I was smarter about the blues – I’m not sure who this is singing on this, but the guitar sounds like Albert King to me – like it going the other way and Hendrix covering SRV. There’s only one guitar on the track, so unless Jimi is playing sax-a-ma-phone I’ve never heard him play like this.

10.  Sweet Angel – an instrumental take of the ol’ song – like it could be the track with vocals removed. I love it. Some may be familiar with the instrumental version of Axis: Bold As Love. I have sang the vocals out loud a few times thru – you’re lying if you say you don’t.

11.  Woodstock – Stephen Stills again. But Stephen Stills sings the definitive version of this song. So, this sounds like something left off a Stephen Stills album.

12.  Send My Love to Linda – I really dig it. It does kinda wander around, but it sounds like there was enough of an idea for this to have some work done on it, though it didn’t make it to album.

13.  Cherokee Mist – This could have been totally left off there. So…I’ll just not talk about it.