Ron Patrick Horton

singer songwriter guitarist


Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist - and gun for hire. Atlanta native Ron Patrick Horton mixes historic Americana styles into his own, distinctive voice. The lyrics are thoughtful, provocative, cathartic and sometimes tongue-in-cheek funny. 

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Two Decades of Dust is a collection of songs written and recorded over twenty years. The material tells its own story; over twenty years, the writing matures, the voice changes, the style solidifies. Each of the songs were written recorded directly from the heart - and as the life experience accumulates over the course of the material, the words and music that come from the heart mature, along with the recording and instrumentation.
All of these tracks were written, performed, recorded and engineered by Ron Patrick Horton on a four track recorder. About half of the tracks were recorded on a Fostex, the other half on a Tascam - but all the recordings were mixed and mastered on analog tape.

Track Notes (by rph)
I Don't Want To Be Here (Full Version)
Recorded in Raleigh, NC. 
"This song is straight forward. I don't want to be here. It's about just dropping everything and heading out."

Miss Mojo
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"I've never been a practitioner of voodoo, but I've heard of a mojo bag - I've heard of gris gris and majic. I was playing my guitar and considering the majic it's brought to me over the years - and this song came about. Miss Mojo."

Begin Morning Nautical Twilight
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"I wrote this song while standing on the beach, watching the sun gradually rise. It's just about a guy standing there, watching the day begin, and getting totally lost in the moment."

Can I Implore You?
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"This was one of the infrequent occasions when the words and music came at the same time. I was reading 'the gunslinger' by Stephen King at the time - about 1990 - and the 'it seems you've forgotten the face of your father' came out. The song is my observations about my brother and his relationship with my mom - and I guess me (I was 20 and selfish). I recorded all the parts on a fostex 4 track."

Only So Many Tears
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"This song was written in the mid-90s. I didn't have anyone in particular in mind when I wrote it, but the song is about two people leaving their spouses, and having to have the conversation that they've got so much going on at home that they can't be there for each other during that time. In all honesty, I'm sure it's about me in some regard, and just thinking about relationships breaking down that never really rose above it all."

Blanc et Bleu et Rouge
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"I was playing a chord pattern on my acoustic back in 1988. The words, "Blanc et bleu et rouge," fit perfectly. (french for white and blue and red) Using what little french I have, I wrote the rest of the song around that. It's a post-war/revolution dream song. And it was hard without the internet and Google Translate. I recorded all the parts on a fostex 4 track."

Recorded in Villa Rica, GA.
"This is a demo I recorded in 2008 or so. I may revisit it some day, but each time I have, I've preferred the demo as it stands. I recorded this in the living room of our house after we had come back from a week in Folly Beach, SC."

Yellow Streak
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"I recorded this song on a 4 track in the bathroom. Bathrooms have great acoustics.
The rhyme structure I took from a bob dylan song, 'born in time.' I was listening to a lot of bob at the time, and the rhyme pattern he used intrigued me.It's another song about unrequited love - we had something, but I was too scared to take that leap of faith - leave the frigging soul crushing 'known' for the exhilirating 'unkown' of true love. As I write this liner note, I turn my head to the left and look at that beautiful girl I was on that hill with that day, and just thank the stars that I overcame the yellow streak that was holding me back."

Isis Left Us
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"I was told about a friend's dog, Isis, who had passed during a Washington, DC, winter. This song came from that. I recorded all the parts on a 4 track in 1997. The picture is of my dog, Livi, who left us in January of 2015."

Long Sunday Blues
Recorded in Stockbridge, GA.
"I recorded this song on a 4 track. I improvised the first guitar, then played the slide part as an overdub - all in open G. It was on a long Sunday, and I was alone in my 'studio' - a bedroom with all my guitars and stuff in it."

If She Ain't An Angel
Recorded in Raleigh, NC.
"I wrote this song about my wife - and actually recorded it with my step-daughter - so, the musical observation was appreciated. Phoebe was about 6 when we recorded this - she turned 20 in February. It's still sweet to hear that little girl sing, "it's prestidigitation, it's magic, I declare." Jason Graves recorded this song and engineered it for me. My wife, Krista, was in the control booth with her aunt and cousins when we recorded this in one take. She later told me that her aunt and cousins asked if I had written it: yes. That's about YOU?! yes. They all had tears in their eyes when I came into the control booth to hear the playback. Phoebe learned the lyrics from listening to a demo I recorded, and she was so cute, that I only recorded one take. There are a couple of flubs on my part, but the beauty of the moment was bigger than trying to make it perfect."

Rainy Day Memories
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"This song started out as me trying to sound like dylan. I was 16 at the time, and it's one of the first songs I wrote. I've done solo versions, and versions with Marble Orchard, the band I played with in the mid-90's. This is a solo version that I recorded after I left Marble Orchard in 1996. The song had been around for 10 years, but the chord progression was cemented the day I wrote it.. This one feels like my oldest song - though I'm sure there were others."

Than A Morning
Recorded in Newnan, GA.
"This is another song about my wife - but I wrote it while I loved her from afar. I had the title in my head for (seriously) 15 years. I imagined a morning in her arms - and there's nothing sweeter than a morning laying in her arms. I've since confirmed that that is true! This is, as of this writing (April 2016) my favorite song that I've written and recorded. I had the lyrics for quite some time - and I sat down with the tape rolling and improvised the chords. I'm really happy with the chord progression, and, in my opinion, my voice sounds awesome. (awesome compared to how my voice normally sounds). I recorded a second guitar part as an over-dub, but that was enough - it felt fragile, like it would break if I messed with it too much."

The Way I Feel
Recorded in Stockbridge, GA.
"Another 'break up song.' This one actually kinda poured out of me, but it wasn't about an SO or a spouse. I was an unbelievable dick back in the 90s. A self-righteous, get the idea. I wrote this after being a total douche to my family. I was so damn unhappy that I was looking around for something to believe in - I didn't believe in the marriage I was in at the time, I didn't believe in my job, and I didn't believe in much of anything else. I'm sorry about my 20's, ya'll."

Yes Yesterday
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"This song came from a break-up - but the break-up was not with a girl; it was with my band, Marble Orchard. I wrote it as a break-up song, and it works on that level - but it's really to Allen, Jeff and Randy. I recorded all the parts on my tascam 4 track."

You've Always Been A Dream
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"The minimalism of this track was hard for me to maintain, as I recall.  I wrote this song about my lovely wife, before she knew that I was falling in love with her. I recorded this song upstairs while the stranger I was married to at the time sat downstairs watching TV. Krista, my wife, and I worked together, and we were very close friends at work for two years before we professed our love for each other. I, of course, loved her deeply and wished that fate had been kinder. We were both married and too embarrassed to say we were in dead end relationships - so the only thing we ever lied to each other about was our happiness at home. When we apart, though, my heart ached for her. I attempted to convey that ache through the minimalism of the song, simple chords and lyrics that speak of a tortured soul who drifts in and out of his true love's life."

She Said I Said
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"This song is in memory of my cousin, Chanda. She was killed in 1996 at the age of 17. She was the baby, and the only grand-daughter, born after us four boys, of which I was the oldest. Her death was the emotional equivalent of dropping a chemical war head in the middle of my extended family - and things have not recovered to this day.
Chanda's mom, my aunt Kathy, was telling me one evening about a relationship's ending that she had been through. She told me that he told her "I didn't mean to hurt you." She replied, "I didn't mean to let you."
The beauty of that couplet stuck with me. It was handed to me by my aunt, and I wrote the lyrics about her daughter who had been taken away from us. I wrote the music at the same time as the lyrics, picturing myself walking through a house, looking for one who is gone. Once I sat down and began it, it was done in about five minutes. I wrote the song in the guest room at my mother's house - I was staying there while making bad decisions about my future and the two relationships I was between."

Tempus Fugit
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"Tempus Fugit - time flies - I was having a conversation with some guys back in 89 or 90, and talking about how time flies when you're happy/having a good time. This song is the antidote - don't have fun and you'll live forever. This is the first song I recorded."

Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"I wrote this song after coming around 75/85 south in Atlanta and seeing the Delta Airlines billboard: flights to Moline. I loved the name, and wrote the song around it. When I posted this song on sound cloud, my oldest and best friend, Richard Wilson, texted me and said that he loved it. 'The drums! I've listened to it twice already!' Richard and I have explored music together since we met in fourth grade (1980). He has always been my go to drummer, and we share a symbiosis that only comes from that long together - it was a treat to hear how pleased he was by the song and my drumming. 'Okay Three Times!' (I got twenty minutes later)"

Even Though You Promise
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"I recorded this way back in 1990 - I was looking for the synth-pop-rock sound. I was playing on a Casio keyboard I had bought for myself at Sears. I wrote the lead melody on the keyboard and used the 'one-touch magic chord' feature to get the chord progression. I found the lyrics on a yellow legal pad - I don't remember what/who was on my mind when I wrote them in 1988, but they fit, so I used them. I went back and overdubbed the lead guitar and stopped after one take."

"For One Moment"
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"I recorded this on a 4 track; I played all the instruments. I never was happy with the way it turned out - morose ended up sounding maudlin. I was tickled to see that this track is my fourth most listened to track on the inter-webs. Perhaps I've been too hard on myself with the sound of my voice on the track. I was earnest when I recorded it, so I know it wasn't put-on or I believe that it comes across as genuine to other's ears."

I Don't Want To Be Here
Recorded in Atlanta, GA.
"I don't want to be here so I'm leaving."

Absolam Absolam
Recorded in Raleigh, NC.
"This song is autobiographical. When my wife and I were getting shut of the spouses to whom we were married, there were a lot of emotions for her - guilt, fear, anger, longing, hope, despair, and dude was all of a sudden writing her letters, sending her flowers and leaving long, rambling voice mails. As she worked through all this and shed this person whom she'd basically grown up with, there were times when my fear and lack of self-confidence caused me to rush her and transform from the person she could share anything in the world with to the person who didn't wanna hear it!.I'm sure I came close to pushing her away several times, when, looking back, I should have STFU and been there for her, patiently waiting for my true love to come to me - I saw a parallel in the story of Absolam and David. The first time Krista heard it, she asked me who it was about, knowing good and damn well who. I BS'd her for a while about it - but finally admitted what she already knew and apologized for making a difficult time difficulter."