Ron Patrick Horton

singer songwriter guitarist


Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist - and gun for hire. Atlanta native Ron Patrick Horton mixes historic Americana styles into his own, distinctive voice. The lyrics are thoughtful, provocative, cathartic and sometimes tongue-in-cheek funny. 

Ron Patrick Horton was born in Riverdale, Georgia, on the southside of Atlanta. Growing up, he was exposed to a variety of music by his family, and he was on the stage singing at the age of 5. He loved the Porter Wagoner show in the mid-70s, and soaked up popular music on the television and radio.

A little later in life, he stumbled upon the old LPs and 45s that belonged to his aunts and uncles. Everything from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, to country and bluegrass expanded his musical knowledge, taste and style. In the early 80s, rph and his friend, Wilson, discovered the Blues Brothers - and via the Blues Brothers they discovered Chicago and Delta Blues.

All the pictures from his youth show rph with a guitar or a drum. At the age of 12, he began learning guitar in earnest, from his soul-father, Paul Ellis, and the songbooks that Paul left laying around.


Ron played with Marble Orchard in the mid 90s, and toured the Southeast USA, sat in with various blues bands in and around Atlanta, and with bands at Buddy Guy’s Legends club in Chicago. At the turn of the century, Wilson and rph were playing in a wedding/special events band, Street Expressions - a Soul/R&B combo in Atlanta, GA.

In the first decade of the 2000s, Ron played with various praise and worship bands, culminating with a year-long stint at an African American Church in Villa Rica, GA - where Ron got to expand his blues and black-gospel knowledge and chops. It was the first time he felt ‘home’ with a music style.

After a hiatus from his original singer/songwriter career, Ron Patrick Horton has returned with an imminent album, ‘two decades of dust.’ He’s already in the studio recording the follow up album.


Photographer: Krista Horton

Musician: Ron Patrick Horton