Ron Patrick Horton

singer songwriter guitarist


Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist - and gun for hire. Atlanta native Ron Patrick Horton mixes historic Americana styles into his own, distinctive voice. The lyrics are thoughtful, provocative, cathartic and sometimes tongue-in-cheek funny. 

Weddings, House Parties, Corporate Events, Clubs - Dj redhouse can create the musical foreground for your special occasion. A deep, passionate musical knowledge is a must when creating a soundtrack for a key moment in someone's life, and Dj redhouse brings that to the (turn) table. 

make it count

Music is a living, breathing part of our lives. When you hear certain songs, they take you back to what was happening in your life when those songs were playing. Those anchor songs are so important - and Dj redhouse lives his life to anchor moments with the right music. 

Dj redhouse's music knowledge cannot be limited to any particular genre - or any particular culture. Rock, House, EDM, Rai, Dance, Bollywood - classical to contemporary - Dj redhouse covers them all.

DJ Redhouse es multicultural . Con un amplio conocimiento de los actuales éxitos de la música hispana , se puede hacer girar grandes pistas para su boda , fiesta , celebración o evento corporativo . Desde baladas tradicionales a trance y hip-hop , DJ Redhouse traerá los ritmos , y servir como maestro de ceremonias para su evento !

मैं अपने सभी दोस्तों की तरह पता है कि मैं भी अपने हिन्दी भाइयों और बहनों के लिए जन्मदिन, पार्टियों और समारोहों के लिए कुछ महान पटरियों स्पिन कर सकते हैं ! डीजे लाल घर बहु - सांस्कृतिक है । मैं कुछ बॉलीवुड बाहर कोड़ा करेंगे , कुछ ट्रान्स और हिप हॉप - भरोसा मुझे अपना घटना भयानक बनाने के लिए ! नमस्ते !

We had an amazing time. So many times you know the open bar is what keeps the party going, but Dj redhouse’s music was even more important. We especially loved the second half, when all the grand parents had left...the reception was amazing!
— Michelle & Steve - Wedding - March 2016